Working for Better, Healthier Produce

Scenic Valley Farms manages high tunnels while also designing innovative climate control and solar thermal heating systems. The company manages ten climate controlled high tunnels that produce organically certified tomatoes, peppers, blackberries, cucumbers, herbs, and melons.  We market and distribute the produce to dozens of grocer co-ops, small supermarkets, wholesale dealers, and restaurants in Viroqua, La Crosse, and the Twin Cities metro area. 

Our company has high tunnels in Rosemount, Minnesota  (Scenic Valley Farms West) and Readstown, Wisconsin (Scenic Valley Farms East).  At these locations, we trial dozens of varieties of fruits and vegetables and then select those that have the best yields, taste, size, shelf-life, and marketability.  We constantly receive feedback from university researchers and agriculture extension personnel and have been asked to share our knowledge and experience at numerous conferences.

A primary mission of Scenic Valley Farms is to develop a commercial blackberry industry in the Upper Midwest.  Due to the cold weather, floricane blackberry canes are unable to survive the winter, creating a sizeable opportunity for growers capable of moving production closer to home.   

SVF has designed, developed, and tested a subterranean solar thermal system.  We have also designed the Environmental Management System, a PC based automated climate control system for high tunnels, and have an ongoing USDA Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) funded project to develop and test the system.

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