About Our High Tunnels in Wisconsin
On our 30 acre farm in in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin, we currently have ten high tunnels that produce a mix of blackberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, basil, and garlic.  All the high tunnels have automated climate control systems with motorized roll up and down side walls, thermostatically controlled exhaust fans, and drip irrigation that is regulated with moisture sensors.  All the plants are provided a mixture of organic compost at the start of the growing season and then fed liquid organic fertilizers through the irrigation lines.  The second tunnel also employs a subterranean solar thermal system.  The system dramatically warms the soil in both the spring and autumn, boosting plant growth and extending the season. 

Thanks to the support of both state and federal grants, Scenic Valley Farms developed an innovative method of overwintering blackberries, allowing us to create a commercial blackberry industry in a region where none previously existed (click the link below to read more about the project). 

Directions to the High Tunnels
About the Region

The farm overlooks the broad Kickapoo River Valley.  Extending eastward is a series of steep-sided "coulees" whose slopes are covered with hardwood forests and ridge tops dotted with farms. 


The region is renowed for its lush valleys, cold trout streams, organic farms and quiet style of life.  Every year, the Driftless area draws  tourists from across the country, including the large population centers of Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago. 

The Driftless Region boasts one of the largest concentrations of organic and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's) farms in the country, as well as a wide variety of entrepreneurial, food-related businesses and institutions.