Getting Involved

Owning a part of a SHARE-d Farm allows an investor to see, smell and taste their commitment flourish.  The investment is represented not by the flashing of a stock ticker but rather the slow ripening of a summer tomato or the surprising sweetness of a late season blackberry.   Investors also have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping support area growers, add organic nutrients to the soil, boost the supply of locally grown produce, reduce climate pollution, and a variety of other tangible benefits.

This investment however does not simply maximize social and environmental good.  SHARE-d Farm members can expect to earn a strong financial return and the operations can easily be scaled up in size.

Structuring the SHARE-d Farms

Each SHARE-d Farm is established as a Limited Liability Company with the majority of the membership units owned by outside investors.  Through a private placement offering, the investors provide the necessary capital to install a high performing wind turbine (optional), multiple solar thermal high tunnels, and the EMS to monitor and manage the growing environment. 

Scenic Valley Farms provides complete turnkey services during all stages of the farm.  We do everything from install the solar thermal high tunnels and climate control systems to harvest the produce and prepare the financial documents.

The exit strategy can vary but generally consists of a trigger based on a time period or financial performance that results in the LLC member units being sold at a fixed price.