SHARE-d High Tunnels

Scenic Valley Farms and at least one other member of the local food community (in this example, we’ll call them Great Lakes Co-op) form a joint venture agreement to manage a single or multiple high tunnels.  We provide an extensive menu of produce varieties that can be planted in the high tunnel –ranging from tomatoes and peppers to spinach and arugula—and we do our best to accommodate any special requests. 

A no-cost, long-term land and water lease is provided by Scenic Valley Farms and the capital to construct the high tunnels is largely provided by Great Lakes Co-op.  We construct the high tunnels, install all the necessary climate control and irrigation systems, prepare the soil, and plant the crops (along with many other things).   Once that is accomplished, we also handle the daily management, marketing, and distribution. 

Great Lakes Co-op is given priority access to the fruits and vegetables once they are ready for harvest, purchasing them at negotiated wholesale rates. The excess produce is then sold on the open market for the highest price we can secure.  The net income is distributed between the joint venture members.  Great Lakes is also eligible for a range of tax incentives, depending on whether a solar thermal or conventional high tunnel is installed. 

This setup provides members year-round, high quality fruits and vegetables, delivered at their optimum ripeness and flavor.  And since the high tunnels are located near the Twin Cities, shipping costs are cut dramatically, making the joint venture more financially and environmentally sustainable. 

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