Converging Trends

Demand for locally produced food has soared in recent years.  In fact, local produce is the fastest growing sector of the agriculture industry, surpassing even organic farming.

A variety of factors is driving this remarkable trend.  Quality probably tops the list.  Consumers are seeking out local foods for their exceptional freshness and taste.   Savvy customers also understand that food grown on smaller farms employs more sustainable techniques, equaling healthier produce and a cleaner environment. 

Interest in supporting local food systems is also rising among policymakers. Local foods are increasingly incorporated in programs designed to reduce food insecurity, support small farmers and rural economies, and foster closer connections between consumers and the land.

High tunnel, or hoop house, farming has a key role to play in the transformation of our food industry.

By extending the growing season, high tunnels in cold weather regions offer consumers fresh, locally grown produce much earlier and later.  And the lengthened season allows growers to meet consumer demand at either end of the production curve when supply is lower and prices are higher, boosting the farm's profits.

New Market Opportunties