Farmer's Markets
As consumer demand for fresh, locally grown produce has increased so has the number of farmer’s markets around the country.

These venues range from small-town weekend markets to daily markets in large metropolitan areas.   Many of the centrally located urban farmer’s markets have recently spun off satellite operations in neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs.  The Saint Paul Farmer’s Market currently has 21 off-site locations besides its anchor location downtown.  The Minneapolis Farmer’s Market commonly has more than 25,000 visitors a weekend and runs from May to Oct.   Both provide fresh produce to tens of thousands of customers throughout the growing season.  The Dane County Farmer’s Market located in Madison, Wisconsin is reportedly the largest producer-only market in the country.   Additionally, from 2009-2010 Minnesota and Wisconsin rank second and eight, respectively, in the growth of farmer’s markets nationwide.

A New Interest in Old Markets
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